Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cory vs Christmas vs Religion..

          I have to first thank @VanityWonder for inspiring me to write this one. She's a beautiful woman with (Obviously) a much stronger religious compass than my own. What had started as a discussion on whether or not one should allow their children to believe in Santa Claus evolved into how one sees the holiday they celebrate, then into whether one considers the religious aspects of Christmas. Religion has never been one of my favorite topics.. There's no way to Not disrespect someone's entire self and structure when you don't agree with what they believe in - what they have faith in..

          But I Hate biting my tongue to spare feelings. It's bullshit, and your ideas to me sometimes are limited, ignorant, and based on words transcribed soooo long ago, that surely have been misinterpreted thousands of times over, Daily. Her point is a valid one - Christmas is about the celebrating the birth of Christ, and Santa has no role in that so why should he be involved in her kids' lives? My view on this, though, is that it's about more than who brought the presents. Or who takes the one bite out of the cookies left over for Santa. The holiday isn't about celebrating the birth of Christ - it's an arbitrary date because no one knows when he was born. It isn't about religion to me. And I feel comfortable enjoying a holiday that I love in that capacity because I feel that is how all things evolve.. There's some reason or another that starts something, the meaning over time is lost or skewed, and then it means something else (for better or worse). Christmas hasn't been about whatever it's intended nature was since we started buying gifts..

          So I celebrate the "spirit", as it were. I celebrate being with my family - getting my little bros some awesome video games they've wanted and them being happy. Christmas music, Christmas movies, Christmas cookies, a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations... And all the warmth one could imagine would be in that scene of togetherness and festivity. I acknowledge the aspects of the holiday that I actually feel, can almost quantify, and I disregard (though still consider myself aware of) the other aspects that have lost meaning to me and my family. And I want my kids to believe in Santa when they're young enough.. There are ever fewer chances to just be a kid, nowadays.. I don't want my children incapable of dreaming beyond what they will soon enough find are the limitations to their world. Santa is a way to make this holiday for my kids all the more magical, mesmerizing.. And I would Love to be the father that got up 4 in the morning to sneak the presents under the tree, and (even tho my brothers and I knew it was our parents doing this) seeing how effin excited and elated they are to see all that expensive junk under a beautiful tree..

          The dialog evolved, and as things with regards to Christianity often do, they got uglier. If you do not believe as a Christian does then surely you're evil enough to deserve their awful Hell.. Well I say fuck that.

          I believe as I believe because this is where my life experiences brought my mental state. I'm part of a Christian family, so the Book has been thrust upon me - and I left it alone when I realized that "Why" is not a question to ask in it's regard. People Don't Think for themselves.. Fed the same scripture since on the teet, and it becomes their truth/belief... That's not me.. I'm hardheaded, I get lost Plenty - but there is wisdom behind these eyes for all of it..

In all of my wisdom, I've constructed a better Christmas to cater to my beliefs and my future children.. Ha


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