Thursday, December 10, 2009

Talking to myself..

Ok. So I spend a lot of time either on Twitter or on Photoshop, nowadays. And between one and the other I've lately been catching myself reading people's blogs! Now I'm usually not a fan of this process - I don't proclaim to be some awesomely talented/original writer. I hardly practice the art form.. I'm basically the upper-stratum douche bag type that thinks "is this really how you write/think??" all the while lazying about, letting a billion thoughts bounce around in my head that I never try to get across to an audience. At least these other blogs made an effort, right? Ha

So I figure what the Hell, I'll throw my hat back in, even if I'm speaking to my own echo for a while. Perhaps just give myself a space to work things out, and in such digital public fashion that in 10 years, there will be a profile and analysis of my understanding of the world that Google will then use to show me ads catered to my mindset and get me to buy shit. Que Bueno..

I imagine that this blog could potentially go off in a few different directions at once.. I am considering a varied set of applications for this blog. So, some important things to understand about me are as such:
  • I'm a Digital Retoucher and owner of 2200 Designs LLC, a very small graphics design firm. This is the current status of my ambitions, and as this grows to be my focus so shall it grow as a presence in my blog.
  • I'm a wisdom seeking youth. I'm hard-headed, overly passionate (at times), all the while aloof and ignorant.. I'm still not fully aware of my failings, success. And I've yet dreams to realize.. I think far too often, and expect that a large portion of these thoughts need be expressed here.
  • I'm Fuckin Silly/Nutz, SON!! Ha I like to have fun. I cuss allll the fuckin time. Can help it. Why? And so you have my social presence - I feel it as essential as the soul if my blog is to flourish and thrive...  Don't really give a fuck about that, honestly. I'm just not interested in Not being myself on my own damn blog.. Haha.
So yeah - I'm not crazy, just multitasking. Ballinnnn :)


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