Monday, May 31, 2010

The ground shifts beneath our feet..

Do you not feel it? In the early hours of this morning, before the Sun came to rise in Israel, before the day was new in the Americas, the hearts and minds of men were moved en-masse. And as the light of day came to shine upon the Truth of such a misguided and yet-unfathomed tragedy, nations and peoples were shown to move in similar fashion.

Note that this is just the very beginning, and that which was hidden in the darkest before the dawn still needs to be chronologically brought to Light. But that still very much being the case, this world will no longer seem as it did yesterday.

Not to me.. Not to many.. The blight on humanity that has transpired in international waters, 40 miles off the coasts of Israel, forces the hand of the international community. Their civilians are slowly growing aware of an ugliness that has come to pass, with ever few excuses providing ample justification (to those, at least, sans significant - read: religious - bias) for the killings of 10-19 civilians (with batons, metal bars, and crude slingshots shooting marbles) by military forces (with live fire via automatic weaponry). The people of nations all over, almost devoid of their respective national interests, are now more inclined to ask questions about the situation that is Gaza.. More interested in answers as to the "Why's" behind such a dramatic, "disproportionate", and illegal response to the threat of humanitarian civilians reaching those lands with aid.

I'm about as unaware of the Palestinian plight as many another American, and today I feel all the more inclined to apologize for my ignorance. We're brought to understand here that there are people that attack us in so-and-so general area, and thus naturally, they are our enemy. We see, too, that those enemies of ours are setting upon another in that region in similarly savage fashion - and so the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Personally, that is not the fullest extents of my understandings, nor are they my particular views.. I, in fact, acknowledge just how little beyond our borders, already plagued with brutal and subtle discrimination and cruelty and hardship, that I am Aware of.. In no manner can I blame a country, My country, for all the knowledge that I've not sought mySelf.. But it seems to be the undertone of the message on these shores, and based upon the commentary of many a conservative and/or ignorant individual with whom I share these lands, it seems that is, too, the capacity of their understanding.. But as a man Free to think and believe as he so chooses, I am left today only asking what the fullest details are, and why... Why, everything, really..

It seems the floodgates have been opened in the hearts and minds of many, now. There's a portion of the world where likely injustices have been brought to light, caused by a force that seeks protections from similar injustices by the national community at large. That decries 'villain!!' with a pointed finger at the entirety of the Muslim world.... And today it almost feels as though we were adults that caught a child in the act of bullying others, the very same child that has always said to us, 'Help me, they're hurting me!' - the very same that we've stood in front of and protected from those others - and having to watch this child, desperately, try to sway us and convince us that Israel is not to blame. That Israel did Not start this. That Israel did Not just make those other kids eat sand and mud as we Thought we saw, but rather that Israel was trying the damnedest that they could to avoid a struggle and to protect themselves...

So we stand today with what seems to be an opportunity for the Muslim community to smash Such shame into the faces of those allied to Israel for whatever interests they hold within..... OR, such an Opportunity to connect with a part of the world - nay, with All of the world - to right wrongs and prove ourselves intolerant of such ugly and condemnable behavior - from wherever it spawns.

The grounds upon which we stand are, indeed, shifting...

Will they change for the better? Time will tell. The Jewish community in the US is Incredibly powerful. From Washington to Hollywood, they've a hand (and quite a few dollars) placed firmly. To attack any one portion of that form, that practices beyond any other I can even think of an essence of true solidarity, attacks any and everywhere that hand has touched. Most assuredly this Truth is being heavily weighed as our nation develops its official response(s) to this fiasco.

But right is Right, and wrong is Wrong. The world perceives this as an Israeli attack, in open waters, upon civilians and artists and diplomats and misc. other humanitarians of different stripes and creeds and nationalities. Men and Women who only sought to stand against a wrong the world would otherwise ignore by refusing to take 'no' for an answer and bringing its aid and Love Directly to a peoples Obviously and desperately in need, if only to be absolutely certain that it gets there. If it is indeed proven/widely accepted that this is the case, then to do nothing and not have those accountable held to the consequences of their actions is an egregious step or 20 backwards for every man, woman, and child of this species.. As is any injustice to humanity and Life that is allowed to stand.

Peace and Light,
Cory H.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still, and dreaming of playing guitars..

The events of these last few days have been affirming my place. I am coming to a space where I better Understand and am more capable of presenting to the world my Gifts. It took all the time necessary for me to find True Love for mySelf to realize what it is that's really there.. I'm not really one for affirmations (I don't like the idea of repeating mantras just to 'trick' my Self into feeling how I do not - I'd much rather work through to the reason behind my state and treat it's core), but I believe that the Self these days has been whispering affirmations to me.. Through all of you.. Through Aiyana Jones. I'm finding my Truths in song lyrics and answers are being revealed to me through my dreams.. And I have been listening.. I've been growing. I am thanking my Self through you, and thanking you from the deepest pits of my Self.. If that makes any sense.. I suppose I should explain a little as to where I am right now.

I've just been listening.. That's what the goal for this year has been. I've found such profound Truth throughout and behind the words I've heard. Sometimes you're just so constantly bombarded with the chaos of words and emotions and whatnot that it never really seeps in.. It just washes over you, and you're responding more to the words or the moment's emotion than you are the truest sentiments behind either. I've sipped of some profound and beautiful minds.. I've choked on many a toxic and destructive mindset.. Most importantly, though, I've come to see where I stand amongst all of this noise. I've found it so much easier to align myself with mySelf..

I see this Truth when I'm enraged by the ignorance that the world around me spews at times. I feel my passions blinding me, feel my opinions and biases building up.. Then I step back. It's so much easier to see from a dispassionate perspective. Not to suggest that I don't care - I care to no end, it seems. I'm constantly beating back my opinions. I'm always going off on "I can't stand this bullshit" rants.. But when I finally step back (after whatever damage is done), I See. I may not always Get it, but I Understand.. I may not always like this person's views or sentiments or mind - but I see all there is to love and would feel foolish not to. And through such a mind I am more assured of my own.

And then there are the glimmers of light in the hearts and minds of many I've come to acknowledge.. The Truths that we all share - the ones we find along our respective Ways. And such light shocks me to no end. Such love astounds me to no limits. I grow through respecting these Truths or refining them, applying them to different portions of my existence. I think on them when I feel in the back of my mind that I'm slipping from a better path for mySelf..

Such is the way the Light of this world has shined upon me.. Such is my (and every other's) blessing.

Aiyana Jones proved to be confirmation of my path. Her tragedy spoke to many a heart and I was touched - both by her and by those who love her. The passion within the 'conscious' community has amazed me. Where I differ from my counterparts, however, is how I feel such passion should be applied. There are broken hearts all over the nation, now.. To say that I am not worn by such a despicable scenario is false. But I feel more that what has passed should make us more eager to allow and accept the change our world needs within our very Selves, not in any heart and mind that we assume isn't paying attention. To acknowledge her and to be Aware of her story - and to feel to the core for this child - makes Me aware of the changes that need to be addressed and lived within myself.

There's no prejudice that I can hold worth an innocent child's life. There's no hatred worth maintaining at the cost of someone's sweet and purest Love. There's no enemy I can fathom that hasn't ever experienced my pain. Surely the rest of the world will seem set to make this a challenge for me - maintaining such love for all and everyone in a time and space where such Love is the very depiction of weakness. But I am a happier man as I've come to allow myself that love. Get that. Allow MySelf. It's like stumbling upon a Self-Sufficient energy supply. I don't love others looking for love - in the echo chamber between my ears there's so much love for Self that I cannot but help to have it radiate beyond me, to anyone that my light touches. In so doing I promote the bests in those around me, in all that they wish to achieve, and I watch the world at which I find mySelf epicenter of blossom into beautifully positive plains of Self Love and Contentment.

If that's not using the Self to create a better world around me - for myself and all of my past and current struggles, for my friends and all of their youthful growing pains, for my future children and the world I leave to them, and for any other Aiyana's out there that genuinely deserve Better - then I don't imagine that I have thus far been able to find a better way to do so.

The Self speaks to me in my dreams. I just recently had a dream where I was playing the guitar. Now let me first note two things.. 1. I do often (enough -whenever I catch hold of them) translate my dreams. 2. Although I do often (enough) have dejavu experiences (where some scene will play through, and some months later I will live through that same exact scene), this was not one of them. The translation reads:

"To dream of playing a musical instrument forecasts a sudden and surprising change in your lifestyle"

That said - it also speaks to sexual connotations in other references.. I dunno.

I guess my point is that I have a better understanding of exactly where I am and where I'll be than any other or some book chock full of generic interpretations.. Either way, I've never felt as great as I do now about taking my own steps.

Recall Your path, fair ladies and gentlemen - and Walk it.

Infinite Love, and all the positive energy that I can Fathom and we can Foster.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The sky is indeed blue..... Right?

Yet another stream of thought that seems more practically addressed via a blog than on Twitter. This time I am calling into question 'the obvious'.. I am curious as to how the light of Truth might reach one who gazes through the fog of beliefs.. Which may or may not be wrong.. I don't know if that's as far an assertion as I am willing to make.. I guess it is best that I go back and address where this comes from.

I was having a conversation with a really close friend of mine, recently. To give you a better understanding, I will say that the conversation was with regards to what people are told to believe all there lives and what they see as 'reality' in all of their days. The first example that had been used was the ever-blue sky.

This friend said essentially that we all know what the color blue is, by association, by name, by wavelength, etc. We know the color blue. And we all have been told, and can very well see that the sky is, indeed, by very definition, blue. You won't look at the sky and say, "oh, you know, maybe it's purple. Or green. Or maybe even yellow." However you look at it (or define blue, blue-cyan, or any more specific color of similarity), you know, as you well see and have infinitely been told, that the sky is blue. In fact it is not even really questioned. Such is belief, and such is Truth in the common eye of all men.

But being so eager to play devil's advocate as I am always, the very first thought that came my mind was this:

Ok. So everyone around me and everyone I've ever known has told me the sky is blue, and I have since agreed and considered this a Truth. But if someone (probably from distant lands or far away mind) suggested to me, "You know, the sky may not actually be blue - what if it appears to be blue just because sunlight refracts through our atmosphere in such a fashion that it appears blue, when really, it isn't. There is no entity 'sky' with the attribute 'blue'..." I wonder if such a simple glimpse of Light in this regard would open my thinking to the possibility that "the sky isn't blue". Or even, and I think this is important, that there's more to it than just that..

I just think that's an important question to ask.. Were someone to posit to you the possibility that there's more to things than what you see, what you read, and what you've been told for all of your days, would you shut out the ideas presented? Even if you don't fully believe them, at first- would you consider using such Light to find your way to greater, more encompassing Truths?

Another brought up the point that this person would need to provide some foundation of proof, before she were to accept it - a point I would to very large degree agree with. But what if the conversation revolved around not the sky, but religion? Is there ever enough 'proof' as to there not being a God, or that one is more real than the next? Are there ever enough facts to sway you from such belief? And at risk of being an asshole and ending this blog with a litany of questions to which I have no real answers, if you are as sure about anything as the believer is their Almighty, will any thought or theory ever bring you to change your mind?

Or will you wait until everyone else accepts it as Truth?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

When were you last thoroughly Inspired?

To the grown (and of course, sexy) - have you ever had that one conversation with someone that you knew would be a pinnacle in your life? Ever hear that glimmer of advice so profound that you knew that the decision to heed or squander it is the difference between your absolute success and failure?

I am a 23 year old (kid) Man Youth, and I heard those words last night.

Now I don't imagine that my life will just change, instantly - not in any simply obvious or physically realized fashion at least. But my heart and my soul were filled that evening. My Way toward my destiny re-lit.. And to think, I thought that the Way before me was growing clear enough, as is. I don't really know what I'm trying to write, here.. I'm still rather rattled (ha like how that sounds) by the force of the words I had been given..

Just... To that special person.. Thank you. Thank you for believing in me to some degree that only I've, the Self, ever believed in me. Thank you for being that external voice so succinct and in such harmony with that voice that calls to me from so very far within. If what I believed before was indeed never to pass, then your inspiration will prove to be the catalyst to my explosion upward. Up, away, and beyond toward that which lies just beyond my horizon, that in this eve I do not see.. Toward what I couldn't even fathom, as though I've rebirthed that night and never saw a sunrise..

Thank you, for helping to Light my Way.