Thursday, May 6, 2010

When were you last thoroughly Inspired?

To the grown (and of course, sexy) - have you ever had that one conversation with someone that you knew would be a pinnacle in your life? Ever hear that glimmer of advice so profound that you knew that the decision to heed or squander it is the difference between your absolute success and failure?

I am a 23 year old (kid) Man Youth, and I heard those words last night.

Now I don't imagine that my life will just change, instantly - not in any simply obvious or physically realized fashion at least. But my heart and my soul were filled that evening. My Way toward my destiny re-lit.. And to think, I thought that the Way before me was growing clear enough, as is. I don't really know what I'm trying to write, here.. I'm still rather rattled (ha like how that sounds) by the force of the words I had been given..

Just... To that special person.. Thank you. Thank you for believing in me to some degree that only I've, the Self, ever believed in me. Thank you for being that external voice so succinct and in such harmony with that voice that calls to me from so very far within. If what I believed before was indeed never to pass, then your inspiration will prove to be the catalyst to my explosion upward. Up, away, and beyond toward that which lies just beyond my horizon, that in this eve I do not see.. Toward what I couldn't even fathom, as though I've rebirthed that night and never saw a sunrise..

Thank you, for helping to Light my Way.

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