Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Call TO Change Goes Unanswered..

Perhaps it is that we've been lied to so much and so often that when a genuine word slips past one's lips we analyze it for the lie as apposed to for the message. Where you heard "I'm fighting for health care, spend spend spend, stay the course, I want bipartisanship," I heard "get off your lazy apethic asses, TELL these fools to stop fucking around with your money, with your health, with your nation - all for their fucking votes and their fucking power trips - FORCE them to do right by you, and TAKE what you want from these assholes who have been STEALING from you for the past however many decades. Because I can say whatever I want to have done, but I can only lead you there - I cannot walk for you." Perhaps some of you should revisit the State of the Union Address, now..

Instead, we Stand Still, looking to this one man to solve all of our problems. Then look at him cynically when he expresses his desires for something to be done. We give him that "nigga please" look when he calls to us to move. We blame him or government for our Very Own Feet not moving. Well hell, as I see it, you can not help people who do not want to help themselves. Yes government is flawed. Yes congress is a bunch of men and women catering to their self interests before the American people. But if the nation's willing to accept that as "the way things go", even when your Leader is telling you - screaming to you - "You know, it doesn't have to be this way.. You yourselves have the power to change this," then those people are not the ones to blame. We are. We are failing ourselves by looking to anyone other than our very selves to find our promise.

We as a people have lost sight of what a leader is actually supposed to do. A true leader doesn't carry the entire world on his shoulders to move it by him/herself. That leader merely gives the world a direction - the world itself needs to move its feet to find progress. A true leader doesn't allow us to always cater to what is easiest. He shows us that beyond any struggle their's a brighter day that we're fighting for. A true leader doesn't accept what we 300 million people cannot do - a true leader knows in his very heart and soul that there is no single solitary thing in this world or all of existence that we cannot do. Impossible is naught. A true leader imparts such belief to his masses.

I have faith in our President. I have much less in our nation.. If we falter, it is not because he failed us.. It is because we fail ourselves. As a people we are ignorant sheep. And those who have any knowledge twist it to their own gain, as to control their own subset of sheep. As a leader he only asks that we move forward. He can not promise change that we the people are unwilling to adapt to. He can not move a mountain that we hold in place. He can not make us better than we ourselves see a reason to be. For those of you who cannot remember after only a year why you voted for him - for those who can't think of a single reason as to why beyond him being black or "a different face" or "not McCain" - that is why: because he promised without words to be a great leader. Not to wipe your asses. Not to drag you kicking and screaming into greatness. But to show you a door, and tell you what greatness is beyond it if only we thought to walk through it, instead of just scratching and clawing at the same wall.

With all the love I have for all of the world I must tell you all - wake the fuck up and listen. Grow the fuck up and think. Open your fucking eyes and see. He's already proved to you that we're all capable of change - he's our President. Now that we see it's possible - what in the world is stopping us? Better still...

What in the world Can stop us?


  1. It seems only nature can stop us. Perhaps we are already being slowed.

    Those "twisted" leaders gain in their pocket books whilst the "sheep" busy themselves "mowing the lawns" and giving the wools off their back. We are the renewable source, and with our faulty systems mis-feeding our most basic needs, health and education, we are sure to continued mass producing on a downward slope.

    So what's left other than the natural powers around us; which many also ignore? If the "body" is diseased, does not it try repairing itself. If Eath's healthy caring begins with a washing, we'd better watch out for more tsunamis and other Earth self-alterations. She is her own breathing entity.

    The reflective image remains the same. What the governments are disregarding of when it comes to the needs of humanity, humanity is disregarding of itself and Earth. Healing begins with doing well by Self, but many are too busy watching the statistics to know that they are it.

    Eyesight is Personal.

  2. My, My, My. This was simply Brilliant. Ase' and Thank You.

  3. very well said my friend! Wish more would see this and take to heart!

  4. very well put Core. Seems most people have an opinion but when they're asked to do something to help the cause, they freak out. smh

  5. Orien: "Healing begins with doing well by Self, but many are too busy watching the statistics to know that they are it." -- I loved that.. Brilliantly expressed.

    Royal - thank you sir for reading.. I'm glad my words have reached you to such positive effect.

    Guilty - It may seem self-concerned of me to suggest but I too would like more to see it so feel most encouraged to invite people to read.. It pains me that there are so many so willing to do so little, and if these otherwise useless words could bring even One person to action, then I feel that this practice will have been a glorious success.

    Essie - What's worse is that everyone has opinions and no one with them is willing to put any of them to action - they expect someone else to.. It's sad.. It's why the people of this nation get fucked over all day everyday, anyway. And it won't change until we do.