Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happiness is a Facet of Being

This came to me while listening to music and wondering, "Why is that any 'happy' song that I've heard seems so 'thin'? Just hearts and tulips, running through grassy fields, smiles and cheer - but no depth or substance?" - or that if there is in fact some weight to that song, there are hints and whispers of melancholy involved.. I wonder if many/any would agree here. If not I'd certainly suggest leaving song titles in the comment section because this is the assertion that I make and maintain throughout, and if it is so I'd like to find circumstances in which I'm wrong, here.

It just seems that I tend to like "depressing songs" a lot. Sad failed loves, loneliness, despair, darkness.. But I do, I think, not for their emotional content, but the depth of such expressed emotion... And I realized then that "happy" as some form of expression is such a superficial one.. I've always wondered why there's more to feel in sadness than happiness, and it seems to me now that its not because I've not experienced happiness (as I afore thought), but that in the depths of even happiness there's what we define probably instinctively as sadness. Or fear. Or the contrast between this smile and some more painful moment, or the experience of the world, which is commonly more painful. I'm sure that we all subconsciously feel the collective soul is in a state of madness and sorrow..

Maybe experience tells us that there is indeed sorrow in and around all things.. I'm not sure that I believe this... Just that depth implies expression of so much more than the face and front of happiness. I feel we may misinterpret that feeling as something negative only because a smile or laugh isn't specifically implied/expressed. I don't know... I just imagine that it has more to do with happiness being just a "State" of being; just a side, just a part, just a facet - and when its taken at a level more nuanced than face-value, and if all things  are indeed connected - merely defined/split per Our definition and classification - then you will naturally find connections to other things...

There's beauty in that.. That connection.. Because it then takes so much emphasis off of being happy or not being sad or angry - and illuminates just how much more important it is, just being.. I don't suggest that hatred and any other extremes are therefor acceptable or "good" - I can hardly accept any extreme to be. But in the considerations of finding your balance or finding your Self or otherwise just living your life; how 'freeing' is it - the whisper of an idea that in the end, so long as you are being truest to your inner self, whatever state it may be in at any time, is exactly how you should be living your life?

Love and Trust in Yourself.


  1. "...in the depths of happiness there's what we define probably instinctively as sadness."

    That statement is latent with false realities. It is actually in reverse that this is true. The reasons that "sad" songs resonate so well with individuals is because it is attached to the emotion of hope. For every sad moment the one that preceded it was a happy one. Sadness is the after thought of happiness, and if the happiness wasn't so grand then what could they possibly be sad about?

    For every sad thought their is hope for happiness... Hope is the underlying them of sadness which is the first level of happiness, so sadness in a sense in the helper to happiness, or rather happiness described in three words...

  2. I've had an aversion to love/happy songs during a time I was disappointed in love. In the way of: yea yea it's all good now, wait til real life sets in.

    It seems that break-up songs hit a nerve inside us, maybe making us feel that we're not the only one experiencing heartbreak. For instance in my humble opinion an album like Lenny Kravitz' Mama Said is pure raw emotion to me. Funny enough I couldn't get enough of this album during the year I got married. So go figure.

    And there are some good, not too corny love songs. They're often more uplifting, encouraging loving The Self. A recurring theme: how can I love somebody else, if I can't love myself first? (think Be Happy by MJ Blige)

    Yea so I posted 2 titles. Fuckit. I'm allowed to get away with that lol

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