Monday, March 8, 2010

"A Brief Thought" Series - #1

Ok, so the first of the series is a thought I had last night that I feel that amongst trying to relate via Twitter's 140, I hugely failed at accomplishing.. lol So here I am. A very quick back story, I watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" for the first time, Finally, last night. I thought the movie was rather brilliant. The emotionality of the presentation of such an amazing concept struck me at my core; I felt it.. I hurt a bit.. A good bit. Ha.

So with me having been seeking some sort of balance within me, and such pain being a very.. Different experience from that neutrality that I've sought, I thought on the pain (and really, a way for it to just go away). The thought then came to me:

Do you feel this pain? Can you place it? Yes, that is it.. Now cherish that feeling in that space, Cory. Because forever before and forever beyond this moment you are Infinite - you are truly One with the fabric of all energy and all things. So take this all in, and love it all, for this is your time as your Self to experience this; via your senses, through your perspective. For all that one could imagine good or bad, you've the chance now, in This One Life, to taste of it, feel of it, to partake..

The pain didn't go away, as I realized that it'd be cruel to me to ask it to.. But in that one thought, my understanding of that pain changed completely. I had never been so happy with what I felt, irrelevant of what the emotion was - just because I felt it so very necessary to acknowledge the blessing that such an experience was to have.. I've this one life to live in the world as I See fit.. See.. And it seems so trite and ridiculous, upon thinking about it this way, to narrow my view to only how "I don't like" the pain, or any other thing.. As long as I am here, I will find within every frame something to love.

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  1. you're so philosophical..... I just try to move on asap