Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A list of Haiku from twitter (@coreman2200):
The Air is light, free ~ The Sea flows, seeking balance ~ The Stone, tangible..

~The Air

Floating boundless seas ~ expecting chaos , to find ~ flow and harmony #haiku

A breeze takes the Leaf ~ not cursing the winds embrace ~ whilst carried to death #haiku

Oh, the troubled sea ~ turbulent, ever ready ~ to return to Peace #haiku

The blind man looks up ~ finding no sky that IS blue ~as will he that sees #haiku

flowers in the Sky ~ not in form but in Essence ~ on a cool, light Breeze #haiku

I'm each shining star ~ and all our soul's reflected ~ in every last breath #haiku
A lens so fragile ~ that to peer through thoughtfully ~ warps the whole picture #haiku

~The Sea

Guide me to the Noon ~ dear shadow of yester's Eve ~ I shall lead til Dusk #haiku

Now ignites always ~ into before.. thereafter ~ forever's Big Bang #haiku

Set alight a candle ~ watch light and dark dance and sway ~ as were they lovers #haiku

All that one does own ~ as true now as forever ~ he will not pay for #haiku

Light is just a Part ~ there is also the darkness ~ that helps define us #haiku

taking a step back ~ the darkest blights bring contrast~ to The masterpiece #haiku

Dance in our season ~ to our harmonious Light ~ as though our waves Sing #haiku  

~The Stone

We live in today ~ looking over our shoulders ~ to blame yesterday #haiku

I am a Free man ~ not for the lack of your chains ~ but the lack of Mine #haiku

sing of tragedy ~ take my mind and bitter heart ~ to where they feel safe #haiku

dancing with shadows ~ romantically entwined ~ as Light sits and waits #haiku

Food's stirred with malice ~ tainting all that sustains us ~ with poisonous thoughts #haiku

drawing lines in sand ~ warring against them for rocks ~ at a mountain's feet #haiku

So blind is the man ~ who looks into a mirror ~ and sees not himSelf #haiku

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