Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Divides Provide A Side To Blame

I've been thinking quite a bit this past week, what with twitter (@coreman2200 for those whom are somehow unaware :) and sad news and catastrophic events.. I've had a lot to ponder about the nature of some certain many things.. A lot of questions. I've been led to ask myself, for example, this question quite a bit: Why as a species are we so reactionary? Why do we always seem to be healing from the last thing that came down the turnpike, instead of placing our efforts towards setting into motion some sort of positive actions to which such a negative Reaction isn't to be feared? 

On the morning that we on the east coast rose to the news about the earthquake in Chile, when people were harping on about the end of days and 2012, there were quite a few people that shared a sentiment of this nature: 

"Well this is just God showing us who's boss.."

And things of such a nature.. I don't like the idea of saying that I was sickened by this - everyone's entitled to their own opinions and everyone is subject to their own interpretations and truths.. But sickened I was, all the same. I'm not a believer of any book of religion in totality - a topic perhaps for another blog when my thoughts are clearer and words more wisely chosen on such an awfully 'touchy' subject - but when 700+ people are dying/dead because of a natural disaster that we've all in small or large part contributed to and you take to saying your God was just letting us all know, "Hey guys, I'm still up here, let me just use this earthquake button right here to prove it to you"... I think of that as the greatest cop-out.. The most disgusting use of belief and religion and faith, and a gross display of either utter ignorance or the outright denial of our role in whatever this world is or is becoming.

I thought about this, and some myriad of other influential ponderings, and I finally found what seemed to be the question I was driving at all along: Why are we as a species, a peoples, a nation, whathaveyou, so inclined to first separate ourselves from the issues we all share, and the people we share them with, then find someone else or some otherworldly entity to blame for the outcome? 

The Earth didn't decide to just say "fuck it" and start shifting under our feet for kicks, shits and giggles. It happens because some other event or group of events led to it. Maybe the polar ice caps melting? Maybe the water levels rising? Hell, maybe we knew this was coming down the pike a good while ago and thought "well we'll just cross that bridge when we get to it" because doing what was necessary to avoid it was more costly to those who possibly could than the lives lost in these travesties? And guess what, just because it happened in Haiti or Chile or off the coast of Japan, or California (if that's not close enough to home for us all, here), doesn't mean that it won't affect us all. The world's too small for it not to affect us all. And no, I can't bring myself to even think that an Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent God would think with such a small and human concept of vengeance and pettiness and utter disregard for life as to set into motion the chain of events that would produce these natural disasters. And if you do, if you honestly do believe that... What else is there to say? I'd just think that's worthy of some thought..

I think that the problem is that we seek an enemy, we seek a face, we seek a body - to represent our failings as to avoid taking ownership of what we've enabled or caused through our own string of events. I don't mean this solely in the realm of natural disaster, no. I tend to think that something is more True if it applies to a much wider realm of concepts. We can blame the black kid that steals, deals, and kills, because it's easier than taking credit for his family starving. For not uplifting that child out of such hostility and desperation. For not doing a better job of teaching that child and all like him/her that there are much better ways and much loftier ambitions to attain/consider. Any prior generation can blame the world's woes on the coming one for being brain dead, or careless, or unable to think, or whatever you want - but not take credit for feeding them 'knowledge' and saying "Just cuz" when they decide to ask "Why". Or giving them a book to look at the words and remember the words and recite the words, but not understanding the message behind the words, the sentiment within the words, or the fact that without considering either, they are Just words.

We can blame TV and big companies for pushing nonsensical constructs into our heads that alter our truths and warp our realities, because we don't take credit for watching the nonsense, buying the nonsense, acting out the nonsense, entertaining the nonsense, or putting the money towards these ideals and feeding that machine. And you can even blame others saying, "Oh, but that's them, though - I'm conscious and I don't do any of that ish" but just as it ends up being all of our problem, I truly believe it is all of our doing. If we are unwilling to facilitate a more positive and Honest view of our world, then we're going to keep floating away on clouds of little white lies.. And when those clouds dissipate, as they always do, the farther the fall back downnnnnnn towards solid Truth, all the more painful it is.. May we all pray that the fall not be so far down that we cannot bare that inevitable collision.

We're all connected. We all share the same outcome. Together, as a force, we are absolutely unstoppable.. So Please, resist stopping, just to point a finger. Stop looking for someone to blame for kicking over your edifice of blocks instead of working to have built a stronger and more durable structure. Stop finding difference.. Stop creating schisms.. For although your hand has fingers and your foot has toes your heart has a beat, they are all you. And though your enemy has different skin or a history spanning behind his and your generation, they are too more defined By you and what you wish to see than anything else, and thus but one facet of your very own reflection. We all shall rise together; we too, regardless of how separate you are from your "enemy", shall fall together, if we don't do something.

These are just my thoughts.. I do welcome your's..

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  1. Peace.. i definitely feel the direction you are coming from. Religion in general has taken the personal responsibility out of the equation for many people. People look to their deity for their success and failures. When someone has a good job that they earned for their tenacity in school or their experience etc.. they call it a blessing. When something bad happens like they lose their job its the devil challenging them. These seem like small things.. even teaching children to look at santa claus instead of their parents as the gift givers is part of that whole external to self. I might be rambling.. lol
    Ego is a huge thing, that is what causes people to seperate themself from the whole of humanity. We are all one and we are all suffering together now. Some of it may be the collective misuse of the Earth and more may just be the natural cycles of the planet. But instead of pulling resources we choose to point fingers.
    I actually HEARD someone say that Haiti was punished because they were practicing Voodoo. Haiti is suffering because the world turned their back on them. Imperialistic effin world that we live in...
    anyway I doubt I made any valid points.. but your blog did. thanks for sharing