Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Consciousness Atop the Hill of Ignorance

I have been brought to thinking via some of the brilliant minds and impassioned hearts of my Twitterverse. The topic of this particular discussion was an Understanding of the Conscious crowd few that I have a hard time trying to grasp: That we must first build the conscious collective within the community, or those who have an ear for such teachings, if ever we are to Elevate.

I tend to expend much more energy on my search for the spirit of words than the letter (I have said so many times before that, to me, words to thought are but the crudely interpreted doodles of masterpieces), and as I think rather visually, I usually devise some form of imagery that helps me understand a concept. The understanding I found brings me to question this method of growth. I ask that you try to picture this visual, as I can best relate it.

I See, for example, a school built of glorious marble and of beautiful design. The marvel of our time - a place of developed Consciousness, Innerstanding, Truth, Awareness, and Power - where like minds learn under like minds, and where great minds share with the youthful and the otherwise 'prepared' a Perspective of knowledge and Wisdom to be maintained and emboldened within the confines of these marble walls. Imagine, if you will, a structure that is the pinnacle of the community, to which the beaten and ready Ascend, and within which the Wise and Well-Learned will Elevate... And as such, it stands atop the hill of such a community that is otherwise plagued with ignorance and triviality.

I See this great place of Learning atop the masses of those who cannot Innerstand. The killers of our communities. The virus that destroys all humanity.. And as the walls of this college of sorts grows ever more fortified with the thinking and the hearts of those within its walls, I see the walls of that building contract to that end (for fewer and fewer might ascend and grow to be part of this set of the Aware if their thinking is not, from the onset, as that of those within these walls). And below this place of knowledge and shining Truth, there lies the shifting dirt. The dirt. Those that do not share in such wisdom. Those who do not grow from such Truth. Those whom's focus, then, lies on truth from Their perspectives... Drugs.. Hate.. Ignorance... And the weight of a 'superior' class upon their backs. And as they are set to focus on such negative things, they are pulled downward.

And as the extreme expanse between those of such Learning and those of such ignorance widens, the grounds upon which this beacon of Light, this pinnacle of Greatness - begin then to shift, and crumble.

And so, too, does the school come to fall to such negativity.

All of this I See, and express only to present the point that without an interest to elevate the minds of All men, we shall forever fall victim to the weaker heart and lesser mind. Why? Because I do not believe that in Raising a few to such heights of wisdom can we expect them (or anyone else) to carry forth those whom have it naught. I do not believe that pulling together all (and only) the minds that share in one's form of Truth proves to ever benefit the world, even if in the beginning that is the very purpose. And most importantly, I do not believe that we can ever learn all that we need to by looking to some few men and women alone for answers.. There's Truth that we All need to find in our very own lives, our very own Way, and to be allowed to seek such Truth, however one potentially finds it, is of utmost importance to the Elevation and Evolution of the all.

"Your problems are not my own but the Lessons, if I am open compassionately to your experience, Are."

"You don't Raise a peoples by showing them your Ceilings - you show them the whole Sky, offer your Shoulder, and they'll Raise themSelves."

So - though my understanding might be incorrect (and judging by the visual I presented, I'd imagine that you'd See that I am), such a view of the world is not one that I appreciate. Naturally, one is to wonder then what I would suggest, and by luck I do have some sort of response to this: Simply, teach everyone; you might do this by constantly learning, teaching, and evolving yourSelf. Teach by Freeing yourSelf from old thinking and overused paths to Wisdom and grow wise to/through your own Way. Teach by showing the community that revolves around you that it is OK - in fact, it is Honorable - to find Truth. To be yourself. To expand your very own horizons. Teach by Example. Provide the world a story that you alone can tell, and leave yourself open to the lessons learned by those on their own Path.

"I'm in no place to teach any curriculum.. I'm better off continuing to learn and thus teach by that example."

I know, sounds like BS - but as I see it, you will Never be able to change people. You can never Make someone grow. They themselves must change. They themselves must see it within them to grow. As you have no control over any other man, would you not best gain some control over your very Self, and show him that he in fact could do the same? Just a thought...

I intend to absorb the world around me as I experience it, and live as the Light I wish to share with the community; and yes, most certainly, even the world.

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  1. Man, well written. Well thought out and a very compelling look and perspective about the subject. I found it to be easy to read, yet informative and insightful. @consciousskillz