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My Numbers..

This is one of two bare-all posts that I will share with you. This is essentially my Numerology as it has been detailed and expressed via Da Juana Byrd's site, http://www.dajuana.com/numerology/number2.php :

Your Life Path Number is 5
Your Life Path Number represents the path you should take through life and the talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one.

Your Life Path will be composed of many paths. Change will be a recurring event throughout your life, and you will welcome these changes as gateways to new opportunities and the development of free will. With time you will become a defender of freedom. You will view the world through liberal's eyes, and will most likely champion the causes of the world's underdogs.
Your Life Destiny Number is 8
Your Destiny Number sheds light on those things you must accomplish in your life to be fulfilled.

You are destined to succeed in whatever arena you choose to enter. You were born to lead, and so long as you do not become dictatorial you should fulfill your destiny to its fullest.
Your Soul Number is 6
Your Soul Number describes your deepest desires and dreams and the person you truly want to be.

Your soul yearns for beauty, balance and a stable, warm home. You are loyal and affectionate, and need to protect, nurture and love your family for your soul to feel complete. You need the full commitment of marriage to fully satisfy you.
Your Personality Number is 11
Your Personality Number reveals the "external you"--the personality traits others will know you by.

You have the Master Number 11 as your Personality Number. Master Numbers indicate nearly complete or complete development of the traits associated with the number they would reduce to. This relation is usually expressed by writing the Master Number and the number it reduces to together. Master Number 11 is often written 11/2.
Freedom and responsibility come with having a Master Number. You have the freedom to choose whether to allow your Master Number traits to express themselves or not. If you opt to act responsibly and use your lofty powers, you will find your reward is in the choice itself. If you choose to ignore your talents, you may find yourself taking more than one step back. You may incur a Karmic Debt.
Those with an 11 Personality Number are visionaries. They are old souls blessed with an enormous volume of wisdom concerning our spiritual world. They are idealistic, individualistic, creative and extremely perceptive. 11 personalities are always very bright and may well be considered geniuses by those who know them. Intense and having a lust for life on a grand scale, they have seen the mystical side of the universe and liked the view.
Your Maturity Number is 4
Your Maturity Number reveals the person you will come to be--your true self.

You will learn the value of hard work, discipline, and organization in your early years. As you grow older you will contribute to things that are destined to last. In your later years you will have built things of lasting value. You may have some health issues to which you will apply your organizational skills to lessen their effect on you.
Your Balance Number is 6
As long as your life is on an even or uplifting keel balance numbers are relatively dormant. However, in those times when your life is out of order your Balance Number can become central to resolving the turmoil you are experiencing. Your Balance Number reflects the traits you need to bring to the forefront in order the get through difficult periods with the least amount of damage or time wasted on negative influences.

A 6 Balance Number suggests you are a key part of the problem and must take responsibility for your role. Do not allow yourself to be overly comforted by others. To do so will give you a false sense of justice and a stage on which to wallow. You need to not just act, but act responsibly and fairly.
The 4 Pinnacles
Pinnacles represent moments in your life in which you realize current goals and learn some of life's lessons. If you are at the beginning of a Pinnacle, then they can be used as a predictive tool to assist in managing your future. Your first Pinnacle begins at birth and last until around the age of 27. Your Second Pinnacle last through the next 9 year and the Third Pinnacle last for 9 years after the Second Pinnacle has passed. Your Fourth Pinnacle picks up where the Third Pinnacle ends and last throughout the rest of your life
Your First Pinnacle Number is 8
An 8 Pinnacle is a time in which you will learn to apply power and authority in an effective way. In this period you should master the basic skills to become a good leader: organization, management and hopefully the application of justice for all.
Your Second Pinnacle Number is 11
While an 11 Pinnacle will be traversed by most as a 2 Pinnacle, for those exploring metaphysical and spiritual issues this will be time of profound development. Those living life on the level of an 11 will find their intuitive powers are at their apex. This will be a time when you are called to inspire, lead and bring joy to those around you and possibly all of humankind.
Your Third Pinnacle Number is 1
A 1 Pinnacle indicates a time when you are attempting to become self-reliant and allow your individuality to blossom. This is a time when you may want to seek teachers to assist you on your journey toward independence. If you should have a 1 as your third or fourth Pinnacle, it is likely destiny is grooming you for leadership.
Your Fourth Pinnacle Number is 9
A 9 Pinnacle means you are in a period where your love for your fellow man will be at its zenith. In this period you will play healer and inspirer to those around you. A 9 Pinnacle is never easy. You will be asked to sacrifice meeting your own needs for the good of others. You may experience the pain of loss, but in the end will be rewarded by fulfilling your soul's need to ease the pain of others.
The 4 Challenges
Challenges denote personal weaknesses and temptations you will have to overcome and strengths you will have to develop to fully realize your goals. The 4 Challenges have the same time frame as the 4 Pinnacles.
Your First Challenge Number is 11
Those with an 11 challenge are in a time when they are expected to take their role as leader, inspirer and joy bringer. To meet this challenge successfully they will have to bring the full force of their cosmic insight and vision into play.
Your Second Challenge Number is 1
A 1 Challenge signifies the struggle to become independent, courageous and have faith in your convictions. If the number 1 appears as your first Challenge you are learning to define your self. Should a 1 appear in your other Challenges you are learning to remain true to your self and become more confident.
Your Third Challenge Number is 1
A 1 Challenge signifies the struggle to become independent, courageous and have faith in your convictions. If the number 1 appears as your first Challenge you are learning to define your self. Should a 1 appear in your other Challenges you are learning to remain true to your self and become more confident.
Your Fourth Challenge Number is 3
The Challenge the number 3 puts before you is to learn to speak truly from your heart. You will have to overcome the negative traits of the number 3, which include superficiality, hyperbole, egocentrism, gossiping and disorganization.
The 3 Cycles
Cycles occur in 28 year periods. The First Cycle last from birth through your 28th year and is called your Formative or Seed Cycle. The Second Cycle--your Productive or Fruit Cycle--begins at age 29 and last through your 56th year. The Third Cycle, your Harvest Cycle, begins with the coming of your 57th year and last throughout the rest of your life. Your Cycle Numbers tell you the lessons you must learn and goals you must meet to stay on your Life's Path and achieve your true destiny.
Your First Cycle Number is 3
Your emphasis during this Cycle will be on unleashing your creativity. You will need to focus your energies to get all you can from this Cycle. The reward for traversing this Cycle successfully is a life full of friends and the coming to fruition of your creative talents.
Your Second Cycle Number is 5
Change and the development of personal freedom are the earmarks of a 5 Cycle. You will find fulfillment and joy in the adventures this Cycle holds for you. This Cycle will show you life at its most exciting.
Your Third Cycle Number is 6
A 6 Cycle denotes a period favorable for love and marriage. You will learn about commitment and responsibility to your loved ones. If you have had a failed marriage, this is a period to start anew. Regardless of the conditions you bring into this Cycle, this remains a period for the homebody to come out in you.
Your Karmic Lesson Number(s) are/is   6  
Karmic Lesson numbers reveal areas in which we need to grow. To become more complete, we need to give extra attention to these areas in this lifetime. If one of your 5 core numbers is the same as a Karmic Lesson Number the significance of the Karmic Lesson Number is reduced.

A 6 Karmic Lesson Number denotes an inability or reluctance to make commitments. Even when you do commit yourself to something it may be your nature to hold back any true passion for the commitment or relationship. Over time you might do well to slowly allow your passions to express themselves and put your heart into your commitments and relationships.
The number 6 appears in your core numbers, so the the importance of this number is lessened.
Your Karmic Debt Number(s) are/is 14   13   
Karmic Debt Numbers signify past abuses of your talents that you must make amends for. Like all of us, you have made many choices and taken many actions in your lives. Some of those choices and actions have been mistakes. Your past errors must be addressed, so you can use your Karmic Debt Numbers to identify exactly what type of mistakes you have made in the past and how you can atone for them. top
A 14 Karmic Debt Number indicates that you have abused your right to freedom. Possibly you increased you freedom to act at the costs of others, or you exercised your free will in ways that abused your own spirit (e.g., drug use). The solution for you is to find a true path to freedom that does not harm you or others around you.
topA 13 Karmic Debt Number implies that somewhere along your being’s path you forsake your spiritual self for material gain. You may have abused others to get ahead. Because of your past behavior you may find yourself facing what appears to be one brick wall after another as you try to find success. The key to overcoming these obstacles is perseverance, hard work and the development of a spiritual awareness that keeps you from abusing the rights of others.
Your Lucky Number is 7
Your Personal Lucky Number does not change. This number will be lucky for you your entire life. Your luck derived from this number will be strongest when you are addressing events and issues related to the general meaning of the number. Lucky Numbers should not be relied on to constantly produce positive results, or make impulsive, high risk gambles. They simply mean that where they appear you have an edge. How large an edge is impossible to determine, but seems to increase with the number of occurrences your Lucky Number is be associated with a given event or issue.

Those with a Personal Lucky Number 7 have a rather lofty number on their side. Your 7 may be very lucky in any situation. However, 7 is the number of those seeking spiritual growth, so often the luck of the 7 is not very easy to see. Its force comes into play on a true cosmic level and may be beyond yours or anyone’s means to identify.
Your Signature Number is a 2
Signature numbers are based on how you sign your name. Your signature carries the power and the faults of one of the base 9 numbers. You may actually want to sign different documents with different signatures to reap the benefit of a particular number. For instance, if you are signing an agreement of partnership you might want to alter your signature to reflect the powers of the number 2.

The signature you entered is a 2. 2 signatures are especially good for signing agreements of partnership.
Your Birthday Number is 5
This number is most influential between your 28th and 56th year. While it is not the most important number in your profile, it does have an effect on your Life's Path and Destiny.

You are curious about everything and above all else value your personal freedom. Change does not scare you. Indeed, you embrace it.
Your Personal Year Number is 2
This number tells you what is happening in your life this year. This number should be used to help you avoid setbacks and focus your energies on those areas of your life where you are most likely to achieve your goals.

This is a good year for you to collect yourself—put all of the pieces that make up your life into a cohesive, orderly structure. This is also a good time for you to take time for others, learn the value of compromise and foster harmony in your life as a whole.
Your Personal Month Number is 2
This number tells you what is happening in your life this month. Use this number in the same way you would your Personal year number, but apply it only to the current month.

This is a good month for you to pay attention to those around you and strengthen your personal relationships.

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