Sunday, September 12, 2010

Should Not Answer Questions With Questions

...But that is in fact what I did lol. A good friend @joskidiesel put me to task with a litany of questions, earlier today, and as I felt less than prepared to answer these questions, I sought then to further my understanding of where she was going with them. She has since encouraged me to post my response, here for your viewing pleasure :) This should at the very least serve to prove that I still do write in some capacity, however seldom it is that I update my blog lol. Feel free to check out her original post of questions on her bloggo. So here we go:

"Separating yourself from humanity is a tricky topic. Should it even be done? Can man survive without human interaction. Companionship, friendship, partnership, trade, intimacy, superiority, who will one compete against if there is no one else around?? Can Darwinism exist fully if man has no competitor?"
The first [of my questions] and of the more interesting (as there are hints of this suggestion throughout) is do you think that humanity exists amongst itself to find a competitor with itself? While Darwinism suggests that that might be a means of evolution, is it the only one? And further, does that means of evolution not apply more between different species?

"Is the emotion of desire the downfall of us as a people? Are we craving too many of the wrong things?"
Is 'desire' an emotion? Is craving directly implicative of the concept of 'desire'? What does one crave but that which he feels he does not have? When ever is craving for what one has not better than relishing in and honoring what one does?
Again, what to you does Desire mean? Not the word but the idea.. Not the idea but the concept.. Not even the concept, but the space which Desire, in your Truth, consumes?

"I wonder if the monks crave for companionship? Is the purpose of their existence to simply appreciate the present....and if they do crave or have desire: then what?..."
As for the monks, and as for all people, what is life but a constant exercise of, if not appreciating, then partaking in the Present? If these monks are incapable of acknowledging the companionship offered within the walls of their monastery, do they not then seek it with all of the Universe? In the Light with which they surround themselves?

"What if we all just went with the flow of things. But what is the flow of things? What does it really mean?..."
What if the flow of things means doing what you wish, or 'desire', irrelevant of what any other External entity does, or thinks of your doing.. Be it grabbing the first of your attire or not at all. Eating the last piece of meat or all of it?

"What happens to those misunderstood and special by default. Those with abilities that didn't come from desire..." 
What of the people special by default? The ones who live and breathe. The ones that have come to live a life that either honors them for their dreams and inherent ability or denies that person those things, vehemently..What of every single living and breathing person? And what aspect of them, lest compared to yet other External things, makes them more or less special than any other?

"...What of the moments we don't ask do they equate to those we make on mental wish lists to gods?"
Is what we See not directly Reflective of what we do not? For all that we put before the gods in request, does that not Reflect an ignorance to what we have and/or should need? Is All not, then, suggested in all that we Are? 
Does that not make Desire but an expression of our ignorance to our All?

"...Are we craving too many of the wrong things? What are the wrong things? Do we reach for external more than do we cure ourselves of this itch!..."
In your questioning I must ask a question that seems to be of great importance to the answers you seek: How important to you is the External in all that you do, see, and live for? And why, if the honest answer to that question is any iota at all, do you grant the External that much power Over you?

"How can all our daily actions change at the same time? What will the world become? What is change without desire, where does the spark of motivation come from?..."
What will become of the world to any One person who's mind's eye and inner Sense change? What is the commonality between us, the natural flow within us, the holistic Truth that Is us - that isn't wholly expressed by each individuals need to grow unto/into/through his own Way?

"Where do you find balance....if the scale is yourself?..."
What is balanced withIn is thence balanced throughOut.. Or is that not so? Is not the horizon shapely and balanced or off-kilter and bizarre for the angle you hold your head?



  1. "Go with the flow" I've been hearing that the last 7 months. WHAT does it mean? How do you "go with the flow"? I think I need to know where "the flow" is flowing cus if it's nowhere I may need to go against "the flow"-make sense?

  2. Perfect sense. I too have heard the phrase more than enough times over (at least) this year alone. Enough times such that the words lose all meaning. But my personal interpretation, as I see things and as I've alluded to with my questions, is that 'going with the flow' is more likely a negative thing if it is influenced by anything External. You've gotta go with your Own flow, find your own Way, be your own person.. Or get lost over time to someone else's path and Truth.

  3. I love you Cory!!!!!! Your are the ultimately modern genius, so humble, so mystic, so understand, so much sand in a glass bottle.... LOVE IT SUN! thank you for posting this.... i know that many of the things you say/think/write need to be heard/read/and acknowledged!!!

  4. Cory, you already know @Synergism_ loves you. When it comes to life, YOU get it. You understand far more than most people. It's one thing to live life but until you fully understand life -- one goes nowhere, mentally nor physically. So you keep doing what you're doing and thinking like you're thinking. Like I once told you "Write a book and watch me purchase it." Love the creativity of your brain cells. Truth+Light=Shine/❤Cory❤ #Thatisall!