Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can You Hear My Tweet's Echo?

Just some musings that I thought to throw together from a timeline rant. May serve me well to better relate these ideas into more than 140-character blips at some point in time, but I feel assured that the message all the same hits quite effectively in such a format. I'll ask that we all consider these thoughts - I mean, that's all that they are - you can do with them what you will from there.. I am just overjoyed to have yet another opportunity to express to you my point of view... However flawed :)

The most profound Truths will apply to the most things. If the facade of reality is separation and partiality, what is Truth that is defined as such?
For those seeking wisdom, seeking peace, seeking knowledge- it would seem Wise to consider that framing of all things..
So many of our truths are based on these dividing concepts, these spacial constructs, these segregated perceptions..
Not seeing that You may perhaps be the breakdown between us All into parts. Parts you've the eye to distinguish but not truly See..
People you've the force and stance to hate but not the patience and will to Understand..
Minds you've the ability to wrongly classify as either conscious or not. Alive or dead. Wake or sleep.
Why are we so eager to find/define an enemy, yet so unable to see that we are equally defined in so doing?
Why are we then so incapable of seeing the direct link and bond that lies therein?
I speak to my black brothers/sisters, whom so focus on their distaste for their description of their enemy that they not see their reflection.
The passion that we exude is precious and at All times the very most beautiful thing I could ever imagine. I bare witness to glory each day.
But you've got to wake up, sometime. You've got to see that you/we/them/us/All the One won't get anywhere with such thinking.
You define them through your perception, and thusly your very physical and real self is defined; again - through them.
Where is the Self in that?? Who are You, BEYOND the Hater of Them. The Hater of Their Ideals or Their Greed or Their Trespasses. Who Are YOU?
My love for you helps me See you. If I were blind to your experience then I am blind to ALL pain and All trespass.
But my passion to love you makes me just want to shake the Shit out of a lot of you, sometimes. If only to blur your sight, gain you a new focus.
You'll express more distaste than you will love, and soon lose sight of love completely. Then, what and where will your purpose have gone?
If you believe in a Devil - that's Exactly what he does. Guide you to hate.
As I see it, though, the Devil is as much Us as God is. You are both to praise and to blame. To revere and to condemn.
There's as much sadness in this world as you'll imagine.... And so, too, is there joy. Irrelevant of the circumstances behind either state..
You just have to Choose to fucking see it..
I don't know about you, but I abhor the idea that my future children will grow up where hate and disparity are used for "Good"... It Never works..
Perhaps I need a gray beard however, to spout the most simple yet significant of Truths.. We're just so much more and so much better than this..
Stop Hitting YourSelf. Stop Hating YourSelf. Stop Fighting YourSelf. Realize YOU ARE Yourself. Love Yourself. Practice Unity WithIn & Out of Yourself.
No one does well to fight against himself.. His being. He who loses himself loses all. Have you Lost Yourself to the concept of your "enemy"?
Do you love yourself through hating 'Them'? Can you? And by loving yourself unconditionally, can you Still not feel any closeness to 'Them'?

#LeSigh.... I just want you all to be Free.. United in ambitious search for Self Truth, not in Defense from some hateful distant mirage...

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  1. I ran through your mind with you reading that.. I got tired lol no seriously.. I was just rewarded reading all that.
    Thank you