Friday, February 5, 2010

Destiny: Your Force You're Drawn Toward

Ha! So for the first time, evaaa I'm in twitterjail... :( I actually kinda feel like a ballin ass thug.. lmao But onto seriousness.

The timing is actually rather inopportune because I just came back to my computer with this interesting idea I wanted to share. I went onto one of my random "picture this" tangents in my head, this time regarding Destiny, and I thought of a rather interesting way to picture my interpretation of it. First, a few other thoughts..

For those who've ever really gotten to know me for my understanding of the Universe, you'll know a few things - one really important point for this discussion is that I don't believe in 'random', and that my studies in Quantum Physics do nothing much to change that. For events/scenarios that we cannot seemingly interpret in a physical realm I am all too certain that there are otherworldly explanations - but as we are thus far incapable of acknowledging these realms (we as a collective would most likely need to be open mentally to them in order to 'see' them), we call what we can not see/figure out 'random'. It seems like a great placeholder word, and I use it as such. But I do not believe in the preconception that there is no explanation for any event that transpires. Every thing that seems to happen is the result some countless variables working on the energy/particles that compose the subject.

When you put it that way, you were supposed to be here. You were born to be exactly who you are. In that you are infinitely important - you are the only you that could be, based on the 'will' of the very Universe. Freewill and the implications regarding it are probably fodder for another blog, but as I see it - Hell, you still think you have choice, you still decide to choose - so free will is alive and well. Perception. But I digress.

Another is that we are defined and constantly affected by the energies that compose all things in this Universe.. Some bundles of energy produce stronger waves, or are closer to us in some sense or another, and thusly affect us more strongly than others, but everything produces its own ripples, everything has its own affect on everything else. As light effects what we see and how we see it. As sound too has it's own frequencies and rhythms. I believe, too, that each of us have our own frequencies and our own rhythms. And that those are each first set perhaps at birth and refined throughout your life, but largely remain the same (you are who you are)..

So where am I going with this? How do I correlate these conceptions into a furthering of my world view.. And destiny..?  Well think about this: Because there is no random, and we are all composed of the energies that have and will always exist within the Universe (then assuming that the Universe itself will not at some time end - or that that is all there is..) isn't destiny an easier concept to believe accept? Further still, and here comes the picture, for all the waves out there that affect us with every moment, in such chaotic fashion as to seem random, what if some other waves or forces are so very strong, that their direction remains unaltered, regardless of other pushes?

Picture This: You drop a ball, and gravity pulls it to the ground. Maybe perhaps the wind is blowing and the ball is pushed to the left or right. Or maybe perhaps the ball bounces off of something else before it hits the ground.. In the end, does it not hit the ground all the same?

That's how I'd define look at Destiny. Some force - some event or string of events that your energy is drawn to with such force that the other waves of energy have but so much affect on it's route, and thus, that energy reaching that destination.

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