Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Take On The "Consistent Mind"

These are some 'simple' musings brought to consideration by a dear friend - this is a moreso detailed version of the conversation as it played out via first an email, then Twitter (Me) :)

"Is it possible that the mind lives constantly. Psychoanalytic, multi-minded, triple life living human/creature beings?"

Me: Thoughts- If not the mind I'm sure that some form or essence of the spirit of a man lives on eternally and beyond the boarders of his current or original form.. Maybe a replica of the rhythm that his soul sang too exists even after the last wave leaves him?

@joskidiesel So would you say that the mind is tangible? Or can be? Can I put urs in a bottle?? For duplicating?

Me: Whilst jumpin in n out of dreamland I thought about this question quite a bit.. Seems rather complex ha. Here are my findings: 

I certainly think the mind is tangible. I consider it the part of your human vessel that computes the consciousness of your Self for you to present to the world. 

- But I think too that from birth the forces present, from the people around you to where the planets and stars are positioned have some affect on How you think and Who you are.. So even if I were born again with all of my old thoughts and memories, but born near say Jupiter, would that not have some baring on How I analyze things? I wouldn't imagine that I'd have the same rhythm to my being.. same Self.

@joskidiesel So are you saying that the mind is tangible, which makes Self, but Self is circumstantial, dependent on many factors, and not able to duplicate?

Me: The Mind is tangible, and physical, yes, but Self and soul are not, and I don't feel as though the mind makes the Self. Yes, Self is to me seemingly 'circumstantial' but that's more in regards to the energies affected not so particularly the physical being those energies compose. Thus without some mastery of time and space, unable to be replicated. The mind is just a means to physically express the potential of that energy in a Universe of similarly combined/composed energy. 

@joskidiesel So its more a representation, than a single entity?

Me: I'd probably say just a means of translation. Potential for your potential energy to present itself in beautiful 'real', physical fashion.. 

Obviously I don't Know anymore than anyone else lmao.. But I guess that's just how I'd see it.. 

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